KIP 3000 Special

Composed of:

  • Two roll Starprint 3002 Printer with KIP 3000 scanner
  • Imbedded PowerPrint Controller
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Power Print Software
  • PDF Print - option
  • Start up Toner
  • Two Rolls of 36" Bond
  • Delivery and Installation


The 3002 STF is a single foot print system designed to produce four "D," (24" x 36") prints per minute. It is a multifunction system with plot, scan to file and scan to print capability. The Starprint 3002 is a low volume, "point of use" machine, designed to operate in an environment where the demand criteria is under 5,000 square feet of print per month.

Retail (List) Price of this unit


$22,440 Delivered, installed, training.

Your Price


$459 per month, 36 month FMV Lease, zero interest, no advance payments.



$135 per Month, includes 3,500 square feet of copy per month, overage will be billed at $.022 per square foot metered. Price is for budget purposes only, actual contract charges will very from region to region.


Supply Costs

Toner = $170 per case (yield is 17,550 square feet per case with a 5% coverage factor), for a cost per square foot of copy of $.0097.

Paper = $25.00 per roll, #4, 20 pound bond, 36" wide by 500' roll, for a cost per square foot of $.0166


Supply Cost per square foot of copy produced = $.0234


P.O. Box 14469 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73113
[email protected]