Trade Terms and Practices

Refurbished machines purchased from DIGITAL ES have been completely disassembled and every moving part has been evaluated. All damaged or worn parts have been replaced. Regardless of wear the photoreceptor (drum), fuser roll, corotron and platen have been replaced with new. These machines are always shipped with new toner and developer.

Although many brokers will lead you to believe that they sell remanufactured machines, very few do. Remanufacturing is done almost exclusively by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and resold by their marketing people as a "reman." The process of remanufacturing a machine demands that every moving part in the machine be replaced with a new part, regardless of wear and that the finished unit be repainted.

PPMC (Pass Paper and Make Copy) or "Complete and Operable"

These are good serviceable machines that have been purchased from previous end users, leasing companies and a variety of other sources. They are sold primarily to service organizations and exporters who will refurbish them for resale or for their own rental programs. We quite literally guarantee that the unit will power up, that it will pass a sheet of paper and impart a copy to that sheet of paper and that it is complete with all the accessories, trays, guides, racks, etc.

OMF - "On My Floor"

On My Floor, this unit is literally On My Floor at the time of this posting.

Payment Terms

Standard payment terms in the used equipment business are full payment in advance. On rare occasions other payment terms may be negotiated but these agreements must be reached before the purchase is consummated.

All equipment sold by DIGITAL ES as refurbished has a thirty-day parts warranty. This means that we will replace any part that fails in the first thirty days of use.

DIGITAL ES maintains correspondent relationships with a variety of OEM service organizations as well as a large number of independent service organizations. We can generally find you a qualified service provider in close proximity to your location.

Delivery and Installation
If you are purchasing a major system from DIGITAL ES, it will normally be quoted to you "delivered and installed." This means that we take full responsibility for the delivery and installation of the unit, provided the idiosyncrasies of the installation sight have been adequately described and that appropriate power is readily available. Small machines are normally shipped by "air ride van" or in some cases, common carrier. In these cases the unit will be prepared for a "customer install" and our technicians are available for consultation by telephone. Small systems are shipped FOB Oklahoma City, OK, the customer pays the freight.
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